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A. Master Course of Energy Based Devices in Aesthetic Gynaecology

The energy based devices for vaginal rejuvenation, vulvo-vaginal atrophy, vaginal dryness, menopausal dyspareunia, Stress urinary incontinence, female sexual dysfunction, vaginal cosmetic procedures, and other vulvo-vaginal disorders.

CO2 Laser
Er YAG Laser Radio frequency HIFU.

Faculties: Dr Nidhi Jha, Dr Puja Sharma, Dr Seema Sharma.

10th June
10:00 AM-2:00 PM

Course Fee: 40,000 INR (500 USD)

B. Master Course of Fat Grafting

Surgical anatomy of Fat donor sites Consultation, patient selection
Preoperative preparation Indications, contraindications
History and examination for fat grafting patients medical Photography and documentation

Fat Graft Survival
Facility, staffing, supplies and equipment
Tumescent anaesthesia Safety and precautions
Fat harvesting , centrifugation and fat preparation, SVF Preparations Fat Placement techniques
Postoperative care, complications and how to avoid them
Labia Majora Augmentation
vulvo-vaginal rejuvenation by lipofilling

Faculties: Dr Sheryl Palad, Dr Atena Shafae, Dr Amit Vaid, Prabhu Mishra

11th June 10:00-2:00 PM

Course Fee: 1,10,000 INR (1500 USD)

C. Master Course of Platelet Rich Plasma

Overview, Component Factor of platelet-rich-plasma; what is platelet rich plasma? Growth factors, stem cell markers, and other cytokines within PRP, and Major Steps for Activation. Review of FDA approved PRP preparation processes, PRP Kit Differences, Dual Spin vs Single Spin. Clinical validity of platelet-rich- plasma, Patient Indications for Treatment (Expectations)

Indications for PRP Medical Therapies, Relative Contraindications, Procedure in preparation of Platelet rich Plasma, Injection Charts & Dosages, Review for correct placement, safety and techniques. Acceptable treatments for chronic or sub-acute tendinopathies (para-spinal, platellar tendon, achilles, rotator cuff,

small and large joints (knee, elbow, shoulder, AC joint etc.) and other specialty applications.

Aesthetic applications for PRP for face, neck, and hands, Microneedling and dermal rollers and scarring and combination therapies. Alopecia Treatments for Men and Women

PRP in sexual dysfunction, vaginalAtrophy , Lichen sclerosus , Endometrium, Ovarian Rejuvenation, Sexual gratifications.

Faculties: Dr Diana Mihai, Prabhu Mishra, Dr Amit Vaid.

11th June 2:00-5:00 PM

Course Fee: 40,000 INR (500 USD)